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Last update: 06/24/2000

My Wearable Computer is now ready to use. A bag holds all the components. I have realized a wireless internet connection with my cellular phone and the software Nokia Cellular Data Suite. A virtual keyboard gives me the ability to type (click) in characters without having a real keyboard. I use the Virtual-IO i-glasses with a PC-TV scan converter as a lowcost HMD. It's not the best display, but good for beginning making Wearable Computers. The main problem ist the power supply.

Technical Specification  
Mainboard/Processor Siemens Notebook, 80486DX50, 20MB, 800MB HDD
Display HMD, i-glasses from Virtual-IO
Input devices - soundcard onboard, for speech input
- Connectix QuickCam (parallel port version)
- Finger Trackball
Output devices - Soundcard onboard, for speech output
- HMD, see Display
Wireless Internet Connection Cellular Phone, Nokia 3110 with integrated 9600Baud  modem
with Nokia Cellular Data Suite 1.0
Operating System Windows 95b
Power supply - Notebook: NiMH battery, 14.4 V, 1800mAh
- HMD: Li-Ion battery pack, 14.4V, 2400mAh
- Cellular Phone: integrated rechargeable battery pack (NiMH)
Software - Virtual keyboard software (No-Keys) for character input
- Internet Explorer 4.0
- T-Online Connection Manager (for worldwide internet access)
- Acrobat Reader for viewing PDF files
bag Nokia 3110 cellular phone all components together Virtual IO i-glasses i-glasses
my wife testing the wearable computer Li-Ion battery package for the HMD PC-TV scan converter Siemens 4ND 80486 DX 50 with 20 MB RAM and 800 MB HDD Finger Trackball
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